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Preschool Social Skills 

2018-2019 Calender

Start Date: August 6


Sept. 3- Labor Day

Nov 21, 22, 23

December 24- Jan 3

March 25-29

May 27- 31

School Aged Social Skills and Music Therapy

The preschool program focuses on intense speech and language treatment embedded in a preschool structure. Integration of typically developing same aged peers are incorporated into each session to further enhance the peer model influence. All therapy is play based and incorporates all areas of development. Each child will have goals for expressive language, receptive language, cognitive skills, social skills, play skills and literacy development. 

Our sessions are focused on a whole child approach; while speech and language are targeted, all activities will involve skills which enhance gross motor skills (song and dance), fine motor skills (art and crafts) and sensory integration.


Monday/Wednesday 9:00-11:00 am

Tuesday/ Thursday 9:00- 11:00 am

Tuesday/Thursday 12:00-2:00pm

Friday 9:00 -12:00pm (includes feeding group)

The Social Language Skills Groups are offered for ages 6 to 16 years. No more than four-six students will be placed in a group. Groups will be designed according to age and/or strengths.  

Children are appropriate for the group if:

  • they communicate verbally
  • show basic attention to task
  • are compliant with adults
  • have some ability to self-regulate their behaviors around other students

Our social Language Skills Groups are designed to target the skills that build communication AND relationships.

These skills include such areas as:

  • greeting others
  • asking questions
  • staying on topic
  • listening to and understanding another's point of view
  • taking turns
  • understanding humor
  • interpreting facial expressions and body language
  • functional problem solving/reasoning
  • executive functioning tasks

Social Skills Groups provide the opportunity to develop your child's skills in a fun and safe group environment. Skills are taught and practiced using interactive activities, games, role play and working cooperatively with a partner.  

Groups meet during the evenings one time per week, please call for specific days and times.